Samstag, 24. Juli 2010

The Most Perfect Music of All Times

by Wes Penre, Saturday July 24, 2010 at 10:00 AM
Last updated: Saturday, July 24, 2010 11:22:45 AM

Music is everywhere. The Universe is built up with harmonies. On a grander scale, one galaxy can be distinguished from another just by listening to its harmonies and the music it emits. Everything, including your own body, has its own "song", a blueprint that is unique for you. If we were all evolved enough to hear this, we would recognize each other instantly without having to use our physical eyes -- we simply listen to each others "song".

Frequencies are also something that have been misused on a much higher level. I, and others, have for long stressed that we are trapped in a "low frequency prison", which makes it extremely hard (but not impossible) to consciously connect to our Higher Self and the Multiverse. If someone surrounds a planet with low frequency sounds without us knowing about it, how would we even be able to realize there are higher frequencies we can tune into?

A spiritual mass awakening is taking place right now on this planet due to many factors -- one being our alignment with the Galactic Center. The Dark Brotherhood, who are the guardians of this Frequency Prison, which was originally set up by controlling negative multidimensional forces, don't want this awakening to happen for anything. If we all wake up, their power will automatically be gone, and they also fear that we will find out the truth about them -- who they really are and whom they work for.

Hence, especially in recent time, they have enhanced their control system by giving us rock, pop, rap, punk rock, grunge and worse -- you name it. The music industry is a MAJOR part of the Dark Brotherhood agenda, because they know how frequencies work. By introducing this kind of music, enhancing the low vibrations and including new technologies, which are subtle and mixed into the music CDs when necessary, they can reach us on a global scale and even keep many spiritual truth-seekers in check by having them listening to low frequency music1.

I know this can be a tough one, but I would suggest for anybody who is working on raising their frequencies to throw out most of their music CDs. I did it myself a few weeks ago. I had hundreds upon hundreds of rock/pop music CDs, mostly music form the 60s and 70s, but I realized that this music actually did not at all help my spiritual path -- quite the opposite. Left on my rack now are a few classical CDs and some miscellaneous stuff that I feel good listening to. There will be more of that kind as I build up my new music library.

This is the test: every time you hear a song on the radio, TV, on a CD or whatever, instantly be aware of how it affects you. Does it lift you up to a higher level than you are at now? Can you listen to it over and over and still get this feeling of excitement and spiritual inspiration? If so, I would suggest you keep it. If not, get rid of it.

And lastly, back to the title of this article. What is the most perfect music in the world? That's easy to answer. Go out in nature, sit or lay down in an area where you won't get interrupted by people talking, cars running by and other manmade sounds. Go where it's "quiet" and just sit for an hour or two and listen to the birds, the wind, the trees, the crickets and everything else around you. That's the music of the Nature, and by connecting with it, you also connect with the Multiuniverse, your Higher Self and First Source (God). We need to merge with nature again to be able to reconnect with our Higher Selves.

On a starry night, go out, look up in the sky and admire the beauty. Take in the energies of the Universe and integrate with it. "Hear" the music of the Multiverse.

The world of electronics and our busy lifestyles have kept us in a prison within a prison. Some people feel we should be happy with the way our society is set up, because we have what we need and "life is good". Yes, we should feel gratitude for everything we have and for who we are and our ability to live, experience and evolve, but most people don't realize that this society is a set-up to keep us trapped and not being able to interact with nature and spirit in the way we need to, and should. We are in deep need to break that pattern.

Ask yourself how many people can really go out in the backyard and just sit there in total silence for an hour or two, doing nothing. Most people would soon be impatient, go and turn on a rock CD or get a book. We have forgotten how to interact and be one with nature, and now is the time to rewire ourselves again.



1 Shortly after I published this article, someone sent me the following link. It's very sad, but proves the point I'm making:


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