Dienstag, 30. November 2010

CIA's Psychic Agents: Remote Viewing

CIA employees telling their story about how CIA is involved in psychic experiments and esoteric work. Specifically Project Stargate and Remote Viewing / Astral projection, used to spy at people by the mind through psychic powers. MK-ULTRA etc is all real, psychic warriors exists, and here you have the CIA themselves ADMIT it!

CIA Remote Psychic Viewing
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Sonntag, 28. November 2010

The Armangeddon Script

Editors Note: First of all I want to state that the name "Armangeddon script" is based on the biblical meaning of Armangeddon. I personally believe Armangeddon could also mean "the great revealing". But lets stay with "traditional" meaning of the word. The "Overlords" have many weapons in there arsenal. They can start WWIII on manny different levels. (for example Bomb Iran)

For those who do not know Alber Pike I would recommend to look at his Book "Morals and Dogmas". In this book the late General Alber Pike, who was the Grand Master of the Scottisch rite of Freemasonry, outlined his plan to bring about a New World Order. He wrote that it will take 3 world wars to accomplish this goal. Now that we are on the brink of WWIII , I truly hope mankind will wake up bevore it is to late. We do not have to go down this road. We all can say " STOP TILL HERE AND NO FURTHER". Of course it has always been the same Order the Old World Order that are running things on earth since the last "reset" (the Great Flood). There may be different factions, some times there may be even some in- fights. But the "Overlords" share the same endgoal, that is to keep us trapped within the "matrix" ( In my opinion the Physical Univers or even Universes. The Universes made up out of Matter with Mass.) So indeed the Deception goes way beyond our Planet. The way I see it is that this is al part of the script.....really like a movie sript... and mankind merely actors.

My world is a world without death, a world without disease, a world without hunger, a world without hate, a world without money, a world of uncondittional love, a world where everybody is equal and there is no hierarchy. We can build this world together. WE ARE THE CREATOR.

Do not wait for a Rapture, a Messias or ET saviors they are part of the script. Remember who you are and stop being a victim. United we stand divided we fall.

Much love and awareness to all and lets focus on the change we want to see.