Samstag, 19. Juni 2010

PROOF OIL SPILL FOOTAGE IS FAKE, but it has Illuminati numerology encoded in

All the World is a Stage Folks... Here is some "live" footage of the spill, direct from CNN. Take note of the Stage door opening in the center background at 29 sec, 38 secs and 5.12 min into the footage .... oops...

So How do they explain a door opening at 5000 ft under the ocean...???

they are obviously not showing us the real leak.... so its either 10 times worse than they are telling us... or its a hoax... are all those tankers in the gulf skimming up oil or are they dumping it into the water? Maybe what is seen here is simply a reflection from a studio monitor screen and they simply dont want people to see the full extent of the damage. But why on earth would CNN allow this footage to be released... what is going on here folks? Are CNN up to their old tricks again?

Time will tell...


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