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The Seven Chakras: Heart Chakra

The heart chakra (fourth chakra), also known as anahata, is a clockwise spinning energy center located by the chest. One of the reasons why it is called the heart chakra is because it is located right in front of the heart. Its energy shines with the color of green and represent the element air. The heart chakra represent: love, compassion, balance, forgiveness, harmony, peace, unity and truth. It allows us to love and feel compassion toward others so we can establish relationship to help us grow spiritually. This energy center is responsible for keeping the thymus, heart, lung and arms healthy.

People who have balanced heart chakras are very compassionate and are unconditional lovers. Their decisions and judgments are usually guided by the heart and not the brain. Our society today does a great job keeping our heart chakra imbalanced. Because of this, many people are either suffering from loving too much or too little. People who love too much will usually experience a lot of pain because they can’t let go. They become too involve with people’s personal problems which can manifest into their realities. They hate to see people suffer and will go beyond what they have to do to make people happy. By loving too much, it prevents their love ones from growing independently. People who love too little are usually scare of love because they don’t want to get hurt. Some may even feel unworthy of love or become skeptical about love. Others may treat love as a game to hurt their love ones because they lack compassion and understanding. If people’s heart chakras are imbalanced, they may experience physical symptoms, such as high blood pressure, respiratory problems, chest pain and immune deficiency.

Our education system did a poor job teaching us about how the heart works. In school we were taught that the main job of the heart was to pump blood throughout the body. This was not a very accurate definition of how the heart works. According to Neurocardiologist, about 60 percent of heart cells are neuron cells, not muscle cells. Neurocardiologist found out that the heart operates similar to the brain and can also think independently. The heart and brain are always communicating with each other but at the subconscious level. The heart gives us universal characteristics while the brain gives us individual characteristics. The conscious energy of the heart radiates out a form of electromagnetic field that looks like a torus. This electromagnetic field (aura) is what protect and connect us to everything in universe. Through the vibrational energy field of the heart, we build our experience of ourselves and help consciousness expand. Because the heart gives us universal characteristic, having a blocked heart chakra will cause problems for our body, mind and spirit.

How to clear and balance your heart chakra:

  1. Find a comfortable place inside or outside and lie on your back.
  2. Place one of your hands (palm facing body) a few inches above your heart chakra and slowly move your hand in a counter-clockwise circular motion. Move it in a circular motion by going to the right first, then down, left and up. Do this hand exercise for about 3-7 minutes or until you feel it is time to stop, then shake your hand to clear off the negative energy.
  3. Place the same hand back to the same starting position. This time move it in a slow clockwise circular motion. Do this exercise for half the time of the exercise in step 2. When you are done shake your hand to clear off the negative energy.
  4. The counter-clockwise hand motion helps remove negative energies from the heart chakra. The clockwise hand motion helps reharmonize the chakra so it is healthy and balance. This exercise is best done with a partner but is not necessary. Your partner should be the one doing the hand movements while you relax.

Other ways to clear and balance your heart chakra:

  • Crystals: green and pink crystals or stones are usually great for stimulating the heart chakra. Some popular stones are aventurine, jade, emeralds, green tourmaline and pink calcite. Visit this page for more details about using crystals.
  • Light visualization: Imagine a transparent green ball behind your chest. Visualize that this is your heart chakra. Mentally look or sense this green ball of energy shining with love. If what you see is mostly dark colors, your heart chakra may be very dirty. To clean it, visualize a pure white light illuminating from the inside of your heart chakra. Visualize this white light cleansing your chakra until it is illuminating beautiful green colors. Cleaning your chakra of dark energy may take a few weeks or months so please be patient.

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