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Poor Thai ‘red shirts’ victims of the New World Order

April 11, 2010

I love Thailand. I lived there 14 years, doing volunteer work. I know Thailand’s problems. I have seen it change from a simple gentle society to what it is today. But what is happening now is very tragic. Thai people were always one, no matter what, but now they are sadly divided! And why? Because of a big fat lie!

As the proverbial red carrot, ‘democracy’ is held out by the World’s elite via the by-them-controlled mass media, as “the ideal system that will bring liberty and equality, and bla bla bla“, and it is all a total lie!
Just look at the United States itself, that great proponent of this big lie, its voting machines are rigged and its government is now fully hijacked by a financial power elite, driving away and marginalising their own normal people into “tea parties” because they want to “take back their country!” Well where did they lose it?

They lost it when America began to behave more like a damned “democracy” than the lawful republic it was ordained to be by its constitution that upholds the real values of freedom and opportunity for all. Most senators and congress men are now ultimately bought, bribed or blackmailed! In other words, the “democracy” is owned by the bankers and led by their media! Goodbye US “democracy!” Hello American “mediacracy!” The American government is now but a tool of the so-called “New World Order”, that collectivist communist tyranny of a coterie of International money changers and bankers.

Is that what these poor duped farmers and socialist university intellectuals in Thailand are fighting for? If they “win”–as they probably will except for a miracle of God, because their “great leader” Thaksin, who is really a NWO tool, and this staged rebellion, are just as much orchestrated by the collectivist internationalists as is the “Muslim” terror in the South–they and the rest of the Thais stand to lose the very thing they want and everything that they already have but don’t realise. And what’s that?

Their stabilising, moderating, benign monarchy, guaranteeing Thailand’s constitutional sovereignty, freedom, and independence from a burgeoning New World Order that intends to further fleece Thailand from its riches (as it did during the Bangkok Crash), usurp its power, and reduce it to global slavery, just like they did to the US via outsourcing and the bail-out robbery, and as they are doing to Iceland, Greece, Portugal, and all others that are about to follow their sorry fate.

Yes! Many people in the North & East are poor! But so are the millions of disenfranchised homeless, unemployed workers, and dispossessed former home-owning middle class, in America, Canada, Europe, and Russia together! And let’s not even mention all those other “wonderful democracies” in impoverished Latin America bought up by bankers, or for God’s sake in Africa or India! Or maybe you socialists think that China is a real democracy? Ha!

Yes! The Thai ‘democracy’ is just as faulty as all the others, and is also ruled by both international commercial interests and the local plutocracy lording it over lots of poor people! But so are all the other “democracies” in the world lording it over their poor! There are very few exceptions, except those few “democracies” that are rich enough not to have any poor people, like Sweden, Holland and Norway perhaps? I mean, have you looked at poor “democratic” Britain recently? The English are poor prisoners in their own Big Brother tyranny!

All other “democratic” developed nations in the world have already fallen under the debt dictatorship of the NWO, many ruled by socialist tyrannies where people don’t have such freedoms anymore to protest on such a violent scale, as these pitiful by-a-rich-tycoon-manipulated “farmers” from North East Isaan and Northern Thailand lay claim to.

In the post-revolutionary West they wouldn’t even be allowed to organise themselves as these “Red Shirts” do. Westerners have no more independent voices nor organisations. Suppose for example, that the Scots or the Celts from Wales would rise up like this, they’d be utterly demonised in a hurry as “xenophobic far right wing conservative radical elements” by BBC, the “British Banker Controlled” media, or “Biggest Broadcasting Con-men”, and blasted by heavy teargas and rubber bullets, before they’d ever make it to London! Ha, are you kidding?

But when Thai people insist on doing this kind of stuff, they’ll rapidly lose the very thing they are trying to obtain. They will lose their national strength, their natural national defense in unity as a people under one of the last real benign monarchies in this world, even a constitutional one at that, under one of the greatest kings this World has ever seen outside of Jesus Christ!

But these poor deluded deceived “red shirt” dupes don’t even know history enough to realise how the World’s elite has always used “divide and conquer” tactics to break nations! And as Thailand’s division continues and worsens, it will surely be followed by the ultimate conquest by these alien bloodsuckers, just as sure as night follows day!

Thailand’s unity as a nation is its survival! As a unified people, it goes back longer than 700 years ago when the Thais left Yunnan in Southern China where they had lived as a united people before moving to Siam. And hello! Even then, long before the Sukothai days, there were already rich Thais lording it over poor Thais, but they all got along anyhow, because they had to as a tribe! They knew their brotherhood would be short lived, lost and their existence would end, if they didn’t stick together like Thai birds of a feather, to defend themselves from other foreign nations. But now?

These “Red Shirt” simpletons, blissfully unaware that they’re bearing the colour of internationalist bankers and their red collectivist pipe dream, are losing that useful unity in a hurry, to these outside wolves who have confused them with the same false promises as the by Wall Street financed Bolsheviks gave to the poor deluded Russians before and during the 1917 Russian revolution, and as the by Freemasonry steered Jacobines gave to the Parisians during their bloody French Revolution! “Liberté, egalité, fraternité!

The Results? More French blood flowed through the streets of France than ever had flown in their wars with outside enemies! And even more blood flowed from 60-80 million massacred Russians, than ever had in all of their history!

If the French and Russians had simply stuck to their own faulty monarchies, (and they were very faulty compared to your benign King!) which were also under financial threat of these same foreign financial vultures who certainly did not care for their people at all, they would have lived and perhaps continued longer as free nations!

If the Thais would only stick together, they would at least have some defense against the vultures that are patiently circling high overhead or waiting in nearby trees, while egging on these poor deluded dividers. Poor Thais!

Northerners & Easterners save yourself from these lying deceivers that are worse than the Thai plutocracy which has ruled you for centuries anyway.

Why! What will you achieve? Only International take over and control from the collectivist One World money changers awaits you. Do you really think they love you more? Do you really believe they will give you “freedom & democracy?”

You deceive yourselves! You are duped! Go home to your towns and villages. You will say in the future, “We never had it so good! But we didn’t realise it then! We had little money, but we were free Thais with at least the natural resources God blessed us with so abundantly.”

Of course! There are always poor people! But for God’s sake it is the same bloody problem in every God-forsaking country all over the entire world. You are not alone. And the faulty Thai leaders you now have, are at least a whole lot better than the evil International leaders you will get when you continue on this fatal road.

Go home! Stop listening to this rich charlatan, tycoon Thaksin who “gave us cheaper doctors and easier credit.” He is just as much a selfish businessman as most other Thai plutocrats, but this one deceived himself into thinking that “IF he were king he’d turn the country around!”, while he’s just–wittingly or unwittingly–merely a pawn of international money changers selling Thailand down their murky globalist river. (Remember Soros?)

Oh these poor deluded “red shirts!” If they only knew they are some rich tycoon’s dupes! I mean just look at the fellow’s face with his Tony B-Liar eye! Compared to him that British glamour boy Abhisit looks almost innocent! Ha!

Thailand means FREE land! Oh dear Northerners and Easterners go back home to still free Korat, Udorn, Ubon, Kalasin, Prae, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, etc., and count your blessings! Just think what it used to be like 50 years ago, when you had virtually nothing, no scooters nor pick-up trucks, and were virtual subjects to the Chinese middle men, without many doctors, with few schools and universities, and without as much Maekhong as you drink these days. Ha!

No! I am not patronising, I’m not making light of your plight! But what makes you think that Collectivism or Communism which will automatically result from this bloody mess, is going to make you any happier? If you don’t believe me, go take a look at Vietnam and Laos, if you can get in, then you will know what will happen if you lose your own Thai constitutional monarchy and most of all your Thai free identity. Remember Pol Pot?

No! This is not simplistic, you red collectivist critics. We have lost our freedoms and voices to your type of henchmen all over Europe & America now. The only reason we were not as poor was because the money vultures, were extorting the 3rd world from its riches, and could afford to throw some paltry peanuts of “middle class standard” to the Western poor, until they are now finally destroying that very middle class too, stealing their homes and revenues, through Euro swindle, and Federal Reserve “bail out” robbery in the once great US. Many of the former dispossessed middle class dupes are now living in tent cities.

Please Red Shirts, take off these Satanic colors, and thank God for what you have, and unite under the king God gave you, and unite with your fellow countrymen. Don’t let your country be stolen by the vultures because of your lack of discernment and wisdom. A lot of things can be achieved by peaceful means. And if not? A thankful heart is a happy heart.

Violent revolutions have seldom helped the poor people to achieve what they really wanted and needed. Please, if you love yourselves and your nation, go home! Thais!Unite! Don’t lose a good thing for a so-called “better” and inherit the worse in the end. Please go home! In peace!

Now that I have said my piece to the dear poor farmers and workers, I’d like to shortly address the Thai plutocracy. As much as the French revolution was staged by the money vultures, it was caused by the selfishness of the French plutocracy who didn’t take their mandate from God to be righteous and fair rulers over their own very serious! They let their selfish lusts drive them to unfairness, oppression, a lack of concern for the poor, and extortion, and France was really lost! These selfish rich had in the long run only themselves to blame for losing their rule and mentor-ship over the French masses.

This very same thing is about to happen in your country, unless you can see the writing on the wall, and you repent and take better care of your own people as the brothers and sisters they are. Stop the extortion and fleecing of your sheep, your Thai family! Give them a better deal. Pay them their due. Or you will surely end up like those former selfish rulers of France, Russia, Armenia, and many other countries all over the world. Dead! And your nation will go even deeper into receivership under the greedy clutches of the international bankers. Love your neighbour as your self! Love your brothers and sisters. Take care of them, or you will lose the divine right to rule! Is it too late?


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