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Extremely Important! A Dire Warning to All Americans: Leave the Country Now or You May Not Survive! by Wes Penre, May 6, 2010

usually don't send out messages like this, but now I think it may be my only choice. What I've been hearing is too serious to keep to myself and I need to share this with the American people.

The last month of so I have been in contact with a true Insider, whose name I for obvious reasons can't reveal. He has become a good friend after quite some down-to-the-point conversations and he is working behind the scenes for the benefit of mankind. He has helped me in my personal life, given most insightful advice and been supportive in general. I now consider him a good friend and a soul brother.

If this man would have been somebody who just briefly contacted me and gave me a warning, I would most probably ignore it, but this guy is different. However, take this message as you wish -- if it vibrates with you, take action! If's your choice. Anyway, this is what this guy, whom I will call Jack, has to say. (J) = Jack, (W) = Wes Penre:

A few days ago:

(J) I am going to advise you to leave the United States of America if you can because things have happened and consequences will be dire. I myself am going to be leaving within the next four months, if there is enough time left. Even I am concerned about my safety now. If you want to know where you should be thinking about going: Anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere near the Equator but away from Volcanoes, Fault Lines, The Sea etc. Try to stay inland, if you are going that is.

The only reason I am telling you this is because I would not feel right if I did not attempt to help you. I am not attempting to scare you as I am sure you do not fear death, I just think kind people like you need to survive what is coming.

Well anyway, The Clock is about to strike 12 Mr. Penre. What will you do when midnight comes?

(W) From your email, it seems obvious that a catastrophe is near, whether it's manmade, natural or both.

(J) It is going to be both but I'm not going to give out the details though.

I'm just going to say that everything is FUBAR.

[Yesterday, May 6, 2010]:

(J) That oil spill changed my plans. I am leaving within two weeks. I STRONGLY advise you to get out before it is too late.

When the economy crashes Martial Law will be declared as there is also a food shortage in America that HAS NOT been allowed to leak in the mainstream media. When this happens Gold will be outlawed and it will be worthless. All of the 'food hoarder's' will be in for a surprise because their food will be taken. The U.S. Army is going to be used as 'shock troops'. Everything will go down in a less than 2 months at the most and I want you and your family to leave immediately. I haven't even mentioned the thing about China and its plan...if you stay I am 95% sure that you will not live to see 2012.

This reminds me of a movie I watched called 'Saw'...

Good luck in whatever you decide to do, but I prefer to be watching from the sidelines and not be apart of the fray. Life in XXX (deleted) will be hard and something that I am accustomed to (I was training to be a Special Operations Soldier) but life in America is almost certain death.

I can only shake my head at all of the people who are oblivious to what is coming, they live in fantasy land and very soon reality will hit them like a ton of bricks and, trust me, you DON'T want to be around when that happens.

I have been told that China is plotting an invasion after the US economy collapses btw. You don't want to be around when that happens.

There is no Military here, they are in the Middle East.

There won't be any Gun owners because when Martial Law is declared guns will be banned.

Hell, there isn't even enough food.

...I see people on the street arguing about petty things and superficial matters...America has truly gone to the 'Dark Side' and it will all come crashing down shortly, maybe then, in their final moments, will they realize what is truly important and what is not. Foreigners were right, America is a greedy place.

So if this Insider is correct, there is very little time.

I have excluded some of our communication because it's private and/or would reveal his identity, but other than that, it's copied and pasted from email conversations.

I advise anyone who takes this seriously to ASAP leave the country if at all possible and follow Jack's instructions. Those who have followed my work over the last 12 years know that this is not coming as a surprise -- I have told people for years that this will happen in time, and it looks like this time could be now!

People are worried about 2012, but that may be the least of our concerns now. Those who follow Jack's advice may live to see what 2012 brings, but the many may not.

Do as you wish -- take this announcement seriously or discard it, it's up to you. Personally, I take it seriously. However, if I am wrong (and Jack is wrong), no one would be happier than I, and it's "business as usual". If so, and people rage against me for putting this information out, so be it! At least I tried to save lives when I thought I had an opportunity to do so -- MANY lives.

Thanks for listening and let's pray this won't happen. But still, take action if you can, because if it DOES happen, you may not be here to see the end of 2010.

Still, perhaps the most important thing of it all: don't panic! Take a deep breath and start thinking about you OWN unique situation and how you can make the changes. There are different solutions for different people -- but be rational! If you are guided by fear, your solution will not be beneficial to your survival. So sit down and write down a plan and stick to it. That's the way to do it. If people panic, that alone will get us in deep trouble.

In love and light,

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