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Update:Andriej Mendierej – Guy who filmed shots fired at polish plane crash assassinated ?

according to google:

Andrei Mendierej - amateur filmmaker from Smolensk is dead? Published: 20/04/2010 | Category: News from the world Drukuj Print

The first movie was recorded by the Russian disaster, in which voices are heard in Polish, if it is authentic, it is crucial evidence. It is hard to believe that it was so realistically assembled, except that then it would be likely in many of its online version, and there is one. There are clear voices in Polish and immediately after the shots. Another thing - the cockpit was saved, and strangely enough it was the bodies of pilots can not be found. They were in the seat, fasten seat belts in hełmofonach. The fire started after a disaster, so if the pilots were conscious they could jump out to prevent the spread of fire. They could die, but that their bodies had the best chance to escape in their entirety. Does the idea is to hide the real cause of their death?

Assuming the authenticity of the author filmiku risked mortal danger as a witness. So I put the information that comes from the Internet, and the truth alone can not fix, but I think that more editors being able to verify whether a man of that name was in the vicinity of Smolensk, and talked to families that what he saw, and other facts. If this is a false trail might be able to inquire whether the local residents have heard something about this filmiku and its author. Here is the info:

"The person who threw this movie the first was quickly removed and his account was deleted too! The author of this movie was Mendierej Andrei, who dug the knife in the vicinity of Kiev, April 15, 2010. It has been brought in an awful state to a hospital in Kiev, where he disconnected the apparatus! "

I know that the Polish prosecutor's office will examine this movie. But in the past, many investigations had remitted, were at stake when possible objections to the well known politician and businessman. Still less could be the case when the game would fall international affairs. Therefore I have reason to believe that the prosecution will undermine the credibility of the material - even if it is true. Such matters should investigate and disclose to the media. Is the television and radio stations do not have specialized equipment to check the reliability of the material and the prominence of votes going there?

The fact that everything conspires against the presidential airplane (suddenly very bad weather, incorrect indications of the altimeters, not acting TAWS, poor co-operation with the tower) is already making serious doubts. For the entry on my blog I've added a lot of interesting new information and hypotheses about the likely (intentional or inadvertent) blame the Russians. And if you bear at least part of the blame (even unintentional) is that disclosure would be a huge blow to the image of Russia - which is why it can not be ruled out attempts to hide these facts.

We publish a letter received from a specialist that developed the three-dimensional navigation systems, which sheds new light on the possible causes of an aviation disaster in Smolensk. Here are the contents of this letter:

"I am a lecturer at the University of Hambuskiej and the employee responsible for the so-called. advanced research and development of Concern HarmanBecker Automotive Systems. I developed and co-created three-dimensional navigation systems, and therefore difficult for me to imagine how TAWS system that was installed in the airplane of the President, may fail if he does not "help." (More here)

Author: Philip Stankiewicz Material sent to the "Free Media"

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  1. Great and sorrowful tragedy for Poland.

    The reason for the plane crash remains unclear. Since the plane indeed did crash, it would seem highly unlikely that any party would play a risk of exposure by committing such deeds as this video interprets. As long as the plane crashes probability of survivors is low anyway. No doubt Poland has requested the bodies of the dead and they will be examined by Polish officials. If the CoDs would not match the crash, anyone could probably hear of it from the mainstream media. But then again bodies of the shot would be taken away, gone missing, which would also be suspicious when polish officials who no doubt eventually will be present examine the site and will be able to determine if it's possible for any bodies to be missing. Even if this was intentional, why would anyone go further than just crashing the plane? Unnecessary risk.

    There is even no proof that the person who actually shot this video was someone named Andrei. So far there does not seem to be any reliable source saying that he is indeed dead.

    The authenticity of this video clip is questionable, but it's probably a real video. At least anyone can see that the quality is very poor. Even if the video was authentic, (all of) the audio might not be.

    There are people in the video, just like the person who shot the video is in the area. The fact that there are people on the site, means nothing. The fact that there would be a crew on the site, means nothing. Of course someone will be sent there after a crash. If there was a military base in the vicinity?, it would seem natural that some sort of patrol would arrive first.

    The gunshots in the video may not even be gunshots. There's fire burning and fire is very likely to cause cracking and popping sounds, as it isn't exactly a campfire.

    Even if they actually were gunshots, they maybe fired to fend poor scavengers after the salvage. Well it's a crash site of not just any plane, surely military officials would be very strict. Also it's russia; the poor would seize the opportunity.

    What can you really tell watching this clip?