Donnerstag, 29. April 2010

That Is No Moon!

source Educate Yourself

Ashley in Australia and others have witnessed the strangeness of the chemtrails and the chemplanes. (Astral Traveller Confirms Chemplanes Utilize UFO Technologies (April 15, 2010). Talking with Ken Adachi five years ago he remarked he had seen a chemplane blink-out or entirely disappear. In some cases the chemtrail was being laid but no plane could be seen. There was a photo in 2002 showing a UFO in the chemtrail directly behind a KC-135. The cover-up of the chemtrail program is a mirror image of the UFO cover-up using shame, ridicule and non-disclosure to hide the cause of the poisoned skies.

Another strange aspect is the lack of photos of chemplanes at airbases and no sign of the massive industrial effort to produce the aluminium and barium spew.

Early in the program 1997-2003, remote viewers could sense "pilots" doing the flying and then after 2003 no pilots could be felt. It was as if a computer was doing all the flying of all chemplanes worldwide.

With the recognition of alien technology used in the chemplanes and the reason why there was no shortage of jet fuel for military and civilian aviation the chemtrail program was being orchestrated from off-world and did not need jet fuel.

With Project Disclosure and Project Camelot, the extent of the hidden space program and the back-engineering of crashed UFOs, alien technology can be hidden in plain sight such as the thirty year old B-2 Bomber program. The B-2 can get to the moon in a few hours. The chemplanes can make the trip to the moon in a blink.

In all probability the aluminium and barium is mined and processed on the farside of the moon.

Ashley saw the astral chemplanes stripped of human pilot controls and the absence of pressurized cabins. She saw a remote viewer in the astral overseeing, but not controlling the performance of the chemplane.

The reptilians claim the moon as their own property.

Is the moon their weapon they use to claim ownership of Earth? Is the moon a spacecraft? Is the moon the primary frequency fence or clamp slowing human spiritual advancement? Yes, yes and yes!

Remote viewers have reported the moon as an artificial satellite with a cratered rocky covering.

One of the mysteries of human biology is the short fertility cycle. Humans have an ovulation cycle directly related to the period of the moon. Most larger mammals have an ovulation cycle based on the solar year. Humans have the ovulation cycle of rodents. The moon is emitting a frequency keeping humanity "barefoot and pregnant". The Earth would be entirely different if women controlled their ability to give birth based on a solar year. Is the moon the source of the suppression of human freewill? Yes.

The chemtrail program is extra-terrestrial and the reason for it is to maintain control over the Earth. The chemtrails are meant to suppress human freewill.

It might be a good idea to lift the moon out of Earth orbit!

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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