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The Seven Chakras: Third Eye Chakra

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Third Eye Chakra

Editors note: Fluoride in tooth past, in water or salt or even bread an now a days many other product calcifies the Pineal Gland. But also the use of cellphones. The cellphone industry spend allot of money on researching the Pineal Gland. No wonder that for example in Germany there are more cellphones than people. Ask yourself why ???

de-calcify your pineal gland by taking 1/8 teaspoon of natural borax in water/beverage daily, until your pineal gland starts firing. Once activated you should start having dreams starting with blue dots when you close your eyes the angels will then start connecting with you in your dreams; you will have tingling in your body when you listen to certain moving music or when certain events move you; you will get tingling hands which if you work on the "chi" method with your hands your hands should start warming up which will enable you to be a healer for certain conditions ie. Pain...; you may become clairvoyant. Some people can see the auras, that is the visual display of your Holy Spirit, the most awake display the rainbow colors, the least being brown auras, when people are sad, depressed, or not awake, plus their holy spirit's are not totally activated. You will receive the powers of the HOLY SPIRIT, god placed a spark of himself in all of us, we are CO-CREATORS GODS

The third eye chakra (sixth chakra), also known as ajna, is a blue/indigo energy center located between the eyes or forehead. Its energy spins clockwise and powers the eyes, ears, hypothalamus, pituitary gland and pineal gland. The main reason why it is called the third eye is because it operates and looks similar to an eye. This third eye represent the element light and has the ability to see both physically and intuitively. The third eye has a strong connection to the pineal gland which is located near the center of the brain.

The third eye chakra and the crown chakra (seventh chakra) are where transcendence can happen. The third eye chakra gives us access to information of the past, present and future. Its energy vibrates at such a high frequency that it transcends the physical dimensions of the lower chakras. Most peoples’ third eyes are usually closed because their thoughts are too distracted and egocentric. If people cleared their minds and practiced opening their third eyes, in time they may be able to use this psychic energy to guide them. People who have a balanced third eye chakra are more clear minded. They look at life from a higher perspective and are great guides because they are very wise. They are also very connected to nature and consciousness. People who have an imbalanced third eye chakra will usually have problem with mental clarity, seeing, hearing and accepting the truth. They tend to be delusional because many of their decisions are influenced by their overactive ego. They are more connected to their ego (false self) instead of their spirit (true self). An imbalanced third eye chakra may results in blindness, migraines, sleep disorders, depression and schizophrenia.

How to clear and balance your third eye chakra:

  1. Find a comfortable area and lie on your back.
  2. Place one of your hands (palm facing forehead) a few inches above your third eye chakra and slowly move your hand in a counter-clockwise circular motion. Move your hand by going to the right first, then down, left and up. Do this energy exercise for 3-7 minutes, then shake your hand to clear off the negative energy.
  3. Place the same hand back to the starting position in step 2. This time move it in a slow clockwise circular motion. Do this exercise for half the time of step 2. When you are done shake your hand to clear off unwanted energy.
  4. The counter-clockwise hand motion helps remove negative energies from the third eye chakra. The clockwise hand motion helps reharmonize its energy. This exercise is best done with a partner but is not necessary.

Other ways to clear and balance your third eye chakra:

  • Crystals: Blue and indigo crystals or stones are great for stimulating the third eye chakra. Some popular stones are ametrine, amethyst, azurite and sugilite. Visit this page for more details about using crystals.
  • Light visualization: Imagine a transparent indigo ball by your forehead. Visualize that this is your third eye chakra. Mentally look or sense this indigo ball of energy shining brightly. Some people may see an oval shape that looks similar to an eye. If what you see is mostly dark colors, your third eye chakra may be very dirty. To clean it, visualize a pure white light illuminating from the inside of your third eye. Visualize this white light cleansing its energy until it is illuminating beautiful blue and indigo colors. Cleaning your chakra of dark energy may take a few weeks or months so please be patient.

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  2. No I have not read these books but I will look in to them I have read the Bhagavad Gita though