Freitag, 30. April 2010

Mayday Bavarian Illumnatie Birthday

Satanist use the same day to work against the dive feminine. canada streetnews
This day is also the celebration of Beltane.

Wikipedia on Beltane

Some orbs in this Picture ?

It's the first of May. May Day.

Did you know May1, 1776 was the official birthday of the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati? And that May 1st is a real special day for Communists [like a Commie Christmas] all over the world? And that the agenda of the Illuminati and that the Planks of the Communist Manifesto are pretty near a mirror image of the other?

Did you know that the "New World Order" also entertains many of these same organizational goals of both the Illuminati and the Communist movements? Such as abolition of private property and universal disarmament of all civilians?

I'm just wondering why the universal call for help is "May Day!"

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