Donnerstag, 8. April 2010

Illuminati Mind Control Victims break free MK-Ultra Project Monarch

Quote by Prince Philip: "Cannibalism is a radical but realistic solution to the proble
m of overpopulation."

Her name is Gabriela Rico Jimenez. Carlos Slim is an actual Mexican elite worth 53 billion US $'s, you can check him on Wikipedia. She is no doubt a mind control victim. It would be nice if someone can confirm the translation, I noticed some spelling errors like "discusting" so if they can't spell basic words they mite have messed up the translation.

please read the translation

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  1. When one is an MK Ultra trauma based mind control slave, the safety spot you go to often is the age when you first began being abused and fracturing. In the film of ANna Nichole she has returned to the age of 3 or 4. Her make up paint was done by a young child. They had been playing on a peer to peer level. If you watch the film, she is not stoned or drugged. She is truly an uncomprehending little girl.