Montag, 5. April 2010

The Apple iPad Conspiracy

Why it seems that everywhere we look, we can find an iPad news on this easter ? I was asking myself, since I understand a lot about computers, so I tried to get to know this new Apple product.

What is iPad ?
Well, iPad is the first of these devices that are too big to be a mobile device and too slow to become a good netbook or notebook or even desktop replacement. So why is this device is being called the revolution or "laptop killer" or the future of computing ? In a moment the answer.

The reality is that iPad is a product that wont replace your computer, wont replace your netbook and certainly not your laptop. I would recommend you to read this review that explains how it works, the positives and the bads: Engadget iPad Review

So What about it ?

Since its a product that its too expensive, it doesnt offer anything you dont have already at home (Besides the touch interface), it makes you think why it would receive a lot of hype and a lot of media coverage and GOOD REVIEWS.

This product have some great flaws: doesnt offer a cam and a mic to use as a voice over IP, doesnt offer an USB port, doesnt offer HDMI, doesnt offer multi-tasking (so you cant work, while researching, loading video, whatever), doesnt support FLASH (something that is presented into the entire web). Besides the price, where you could buy a notebook that would provide you the same and much more (besides touch screen).

But for some reason that its ridiculously weird, almost every review and news dont mention that these flaws WOULD BE UNACCEPTABLE in any new computer like device.

So Why the EXTENSIVE Media Coverage ?
Well, for everyone that already used Apple products like Iphone and Ipod Touch, you will notice that you need an App downloaded in their store to be able to experience these products. It tries to centralize everything in their place, so they can accept your app or not.

Since the big mainstream media is in decline, they need something to try to save themselves and iPad they think is the answer. Yeah, its a useless product but it provides this concept of centralization of everything. So, the mainstream media is already providing APPs (some that you will have to pay by month) so you can access their content thought it.

this is an example of an App; beautiful no? yeah

"What we're seeing is a desperate wish -- the last gasp of desperation. Editors and publishers and advertisers want to regain control of the media experience that the Internet took away from them. In their minds, this iPad is the magic pill that will make all of this Internet crap go away. Surely, it won't," Jeff Jarvis, the veteran journalist and author of What Would Google Do?

Article by Jose Antonio Vargas

Thats why everybody knows what an iPad is but nobody knows really what it does for you and if you really need it. Its a way for the mainstream media to get back to the top, trying to control their content and the internet ...

Will it work? Well, I dont know, but its painful to read all the news and reviews about it trying to make this something it is not. Lets hope most of the reviews by independent media can get more exposure.

It’s going to be very hard to find enough time to use the iPad. When you’re at home or at work, you’re going to use your computer. When you’re on the go, you have your smartphone. If you’re on a train or a plane and need to do some work, you can use a laptop. When you’re doing something else, such as running, well, then your attention is focused on that. When, exactly, are you going to use the iPad?

In these sources, they feel that all these moves by the big mainstream guys wont work, but who knows, I just think its not fair to try to use their visibility to try to sell a product that doesnt add anything to you.

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