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Blowback Worldwide Intel War Descends Into Anarchy

by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert

Saturday November 29, 2008

United States of America – It can now be reported that on Wednesday, November 26th, a paramilitary team of seventy (70) Pakistani ISI soldiers arrived in Mumbai (Bombay) by sea on the CIA-ISI registered MV Alpha and proceeded on military style speedboats to the Indian shore and immediately traveled to the command and control headquarters for the paramilitary operation at the Jewish Center Nariman House.

Three days of food awaited the terrorists along with sophisticated military style Blackberries, grenades and other sophisticated explosive devices to be used in the attacks.

Aiding and abetting the paramilitary team was a high tech television monitoring device in the Nariman House that allowed the terrorist group to monitor the movement of Indian Police and the Indian Anti-Terrorist Task Force that had used the Nariman House in the past for anti-terrorist surveillance inside Mumbai.

Liaison between the Indian Anti-Terrorist Task Force and the Israeli Shin Bet, which was used in training of the Indian Anti-Terrorist Task Force, were two Jewish Rabbis with dual citizenship who previously lived in New York City.

The Mossad Strikes in Mumbai

By Brother Nathanael Kapne

…The initial firing began at the Chabad/Nariman House, an easy access for Mossad operatives. Hindus of the Nariman area spoke live on several TV channels saying that for two years suspicious activities were taking place in the Chabad/Nariman House, raising concern regarding Israel's involvement in the Hindutva Revolution, the current opposition government…MORE

Reference: This is not the first time the Israeli Mossad used Rabbis in black ops and other nefarious activities given the role of Rabbi Dr. Zacharie in sending the anthrax post 9/11, a chemical attack which was used to deter proper investigation of the 9/11 black op attack on the United States.

The anthrax attack was also used to intimidate U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens from going forward with the proof of the theft of the year 2000 presidential election from the Vice President now duly elected President Albert Gore Jr.

Justice Stevens' mail was actually intercepted and illegally held by Israeli Mossad agent and TRAITOR, current Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff.


The paramilitary group also received from their liaison group at the Nariman House, sixty (60) Indian Anti-Terrorist Task Force uniforms, which would be used in the terrorist attacks and allowed the Pakistani paramilitary team to disguise themselves as Indian security officials while they were conducting their attacks.

The joint U.S.-French Intelligence Task Force, headquartered on European soil, now reports that the Nariman House had been used to provide intelligence to the paramilitary group while they were training for this operation off the shores of Somalia.

Intelligence provided to the paramilitary group, included casing out the targets for their attacks.
P.S. At this hour, NBC-General Electric and its bought and paid for Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate defense intelligence witch, Alex Witt, is once again propagating the BIG Lie.

Witt is alleging there were only 10 terrorists and that a fishing trawler, NOT the MV Alpha, was used to transport the "terrorists" to Mumbai.

Item: The British-owned fishing trawler was a recently released vessel taken hostage by the Somalia pirates.

It is now being used as an Intelligence Agency prop to cover up the role of the Pakistani ISI-CIA registered MV Alpha in actually transporting the paramilitary team.

Of course this makes no sense, given this operation was scripted and planned at least two years in advance.

There is no way these alleged terrorists aka the paramilitary group would jeopardize their operation based on hijacking a fishing trawler and then using the trawler as the means of transport for the paramilitary group and using military style aquatic speedboats to take them to the Indian shore.

Clearly a cargo ship met the logistical needs of the paramilitary team.

The lasted BIG LIE from the NSA controlled media is that these were rafts not speedboats.

At this hour, some of this bogus intelligence is being given to the Indian government, NOT by a captured terrorist but an actual FBI informant, who actually walked out of the Nariman House unharmed.

As we bring you this intelligence briefing, the U.S. FBI, headed by Robert Mueller, is sending an FBI Task Force to India to engage in Obstruction of Justice.

As reported in our previous intelligence briefing, the illegal resident of the White House, Bushfraud, continues to blackmail and bribe the Indian Prime Minister in regards to blaming these paramilitary attacks on Bushfraud's partner-in-crime and patsy, alleged "Al Qaeda".

Note: The Indian Prime Minister and his intelligence agencies now have "smoking gun" proof linking a SECRET covert directorate, an arm of the Pakistani ISI, in directing and manipulating terrorist and paramilitary groups inside Pakistan.

That SECRET directorate, which has liaison to both Israeli and British Intelligence, as well as the U.S. CIA, operates without any knowledge or oversight from the current democratically elected Pakistani government.

As reported in the previous intelligence briefing, it is unclear whether the Indian government will allow this team to actually land on Indian soil.

P.P.S. Previous media reports during this paramilitary siege had quoted the Israeli Ambassador to India as stating that there were as many as nine Israeli citizens present in the Nariman House.

This was a deflection and ruse to disguise and actually signal to the FBI informant, (now in Indian custody), to assassinate the two Jewish Rabbis in order to silence them from eventually revealing the role of both Israeli and British Intelligence in the coordinated paramilitary operation.

We can also report that the Indian government still holds in custody the identified Israeli Mossad agent, who, himself, was an employee of the Nariman House and was actually captured by Indian Police and held for questioning two days before the paramilitary group arrived in India from Pakistan.

The identified Israeli Mossad agent, who is claiming now that he is part of the Israeli diplomatic core, is demanding diplomatic immunity from the Indian government to avoid further interrogation.

This is creating a massive crisis between the Indian and Israeli governments.

The crisis was further escalated by the attempt of the Israeli government to send commandos to the Nariman House without the authorization of the Indian government.

Commandos storm Mumbai Jewish centre: AFP witness

MUMBAI, (AFP) - At least 17 commandos on Friday abseiled from a helicopter into the Jewish centre in Mumbai taken by Islamic militants, and explosions were heard, an AFP witness said.

…Witnesses said the first group of seven armed men crouched on the roof of the building as the helicopter returned to drop 10 more military personnel.

Intermittent loud explosions were heard from inside the building. It was not clear if the commandos involved in the assault were Indian or Israeli.

Unconfirmed reports detail an actual firefight between the Indian Anti-Terrorist Task Force and the Israeli commandos.

This could clearly account for the claims of the Israeli Ambassador to India that there were up to nine (9) Israeli citizens present in the Nariman House near the end of the siege.

The pending arrival of the Israeli commandos was actually communicated to the Indian government by the British Ambassador to India.

At this hour, the blowback between the Israeli, British, U.S. and Pakistani Intelligence Agencies is a hurricane, which threatens to destroy the entire worldwide intelligence agencies network cooperation and let loose paramilitary and terrorist organizations actually tied to these agencies given the simple fact that they may no longer be on the payroll of the New World Order thugs.

P.P.P.S. We can now divulge that the warning of a New York City subway attack, communicated to CIA Director Michael Hayden, also included warnings that a major paramilitary operation was about to occur somewhere in south Asia.

The warnings came from the Russian Intelligence Agency, which had intercepted cables between the Pakistani ISI and the British Embassy in New Delhi.

So you see, folks, this is part of blowback.

It is a worldwide Intelligence Agencies meltdown.

One final note: As the Israeli Mossad-British Intellience-NSA corporate controlled American media elite continue to spin away in an attempt to blame all of this on alleged "Al Qaeda", who is headed, of course, by a dead man, Osama bin Laden aka CIA asset Tim Osman, you hear the constant drumbeat by the media for more (illegal) spying on the American People, more Patriot Act legislation, surveillance cameras on every street corner, and actual talk of more martial law type decrees.


Mumbai Attacks Blamed On Al-Qaeda As Pretext For U.S. Military Response

By Philip Dru

The majority of the corporate media has gleefully seized upon the terror attacks in Mumbai to claim that they are the work of "Al-Qaeda," despite clear and contradictory evidence suggesting otherwise, as a pretext to increase bombing campaigns in Pakistan and beef support for the ailing war on terror in Afghanistan.

The swiftness with which the media blamed "Al-Qaeda" was staggering, especially considering the fact that the attacks had not even concluded before the boogeyman was whipped out of the closet once more to act as a poster child for the war on terror and allow the TV networks to show lots of blood, panic and authority figures pointing guns at people…MORE

Remember, the media filth, which is on a 14-second NSA delay trigger, has enabled the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate for years to:

- cover up the stolen year 2000 presidential election,

- the illegal war in Iraq based on a lie,

- the actual Red-Blue U.S.-Canadian war games that were used as a disguise for the 9/11 BLACK OP,

- the countless illegal firings of U.S. Attorneys, and

- finally the Bush-Clinton-Federal Reserve crime spree, which looted the U.S. Treasury.

One must conclude the American corporate controlled media filth have a lot to loose should the truth become clear to the American People.

I have a solution for these media liars and whores: Send them all on a cruise to Somalia and don't give them any pirate insurance.

Accordingly, we again remind the American People to prepare for revolutionary mode as there is no other choice.

This occupation and Gestapo attack against the American Constitution and our utter way of life must end, AND END NOW!

It can be done the easy way or the hard way.

History tells us it is going to be done the hard way – SO BE IT!

At this hour we live free or die as we continue to identify the enemies of the American Republic and the American Revolution of the 21st century and eradicate them.

Stay tuned as we will continue to break this case for you with emergency updates at any moment.

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