Donnerstag, 6. November 2008


The Global Reality
Host: Josh Reeves

Josh Reeves is a Dallas,Texas based researcher and filmmaker who first learned of government crimes in the 1990's by reading Jim Marrs "Crossfire" which lead him to start investigating black operations and secret societies. Josh gives his commentary and original point of view on news and currents events as well as information about Chemtrails,Secret/Ancient Societies,Bloodlines, Hidden Technology,Freemasons,and the overall plan of The Global Elite. Josh has interviewed people such as,Peter Dale Scott,David Icke,Eustace Mullins,Michael Tsarion,Chris Everard and Jim Marrs. His first film "9-11 NEW WORLD RISING" was released in 2007. His newest film"The Secret Right" is due out in October.

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